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Little-known fact about Pisces: When someone offends your sense of justice or is just plain mean, you don't let it roll off your back. Take this as a clear a sign that it's time to part ways, and make a gracious exit. Spread those mighty arms and test your wingspan! On Tuesday, vixen Venus vamps into Scorpio and your spontaneous, liberated, adventurous ninth house until November 1.


While Scorpio energy can intensify your emotions, Venus has plenty of room to play—and expand—in your ninth house. Single Fish will happily swim laps for hours in the endless dating pool! Ease up on the goal-orientation and just enjoy whoever you reel in. The outspoken ninth house can inspire you to speak from your heart, expressing yourself more directly than you're used to.

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When you live in your truth, no one can use that against you, and how liberating is THAT?! Couples can take off the filters and be open and honest about, well, everything.

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