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Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. If you don't want to know how many times you'll fight a particular villain, or who starts out on your side that you eventually have to fight, or who you fight that eventually ends up on your side, this probably isn't the place to be. However, sections 1. The date you select determines the main character's zodiac sign.

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When you hire new units at the soldier office, you cannot select their birthdates, but you can control their zodiac signs. Although you can play through the entire game without concerning yourself with zodiac signs, zodiac compatibility is an integral part of the game's battle mechanics, and knowledge of the system can be an advantage when planning battle strategies or starting a challenge game.

Zodiac compatibility affects the amount of damage or healing and the chance for percentage-based actions, such as Talk Skill, Haste, Raise, and Lich, to work. Zodiac compatibility does NOT affect evasion, fall damage, Sing, Dance, Item, the Draw Out ability Murasame, and various special skills that have set success rates to either inflict a status or do a set amount of damage.

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There are no special bonuses when the in-game calendar reaches the date you selected or when the calendar is in a particular unit's sign. Compatibility is applied to different factors for different actions, but the general rule is: Best compatibility: the affected variable is multiplied by 1. For a visual representation of zodiac compatibility, picture the twelve zodiac signs in a chronological circle: - If you draw an equilateral triangle starting at the sign in question, the other two points of the triangle are the signs that have good compatibility with it.

Units have best compatibility only with units of the opposite zodiac sign and opposite sex. They have worst compatibility with units of the opposite zodiac sign but the same sex. Things change a little when it comes to monsters. However, there are a few exceptions to the unisex monster rule. Using the formulas in the Battle Mechanics Guide to arrive at damage predictions, then putting the damage into practice, I determined the gender of Holy Dragon Reis and each of the zodiac beasts, including both forms of Altima, and these results are confirmed within the code of the game.

However, the BMG was updated in late , and versions 5. These are also the only battles in which the monster's zodiac sign does not match the stone it comes from. As it turns out, its sprite byte which controls in-battle appearance and job portrait is set to male, but its gender half-byte which controls stat bonuses, names, use of female-only equipment, death screams, charming, access to bard or dancer, and zodiac compatibility is set to female.

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For the purposes of this guide's information, it is female. If Invited, yes, it can become a Dancer although it will look like a bard. Since this battle can be annoying enough as it is, be glad those two along with Malak consistently have bad compat with her, or it'd be even worse. Various FAQs and sources disagree on these ranges; I have tested them in-game and can vouch for their accuracy.

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These are not necessarily the exact date ranges you will see in newspaper horoscopes and other zodiac sign resources, but the dates are quite close and these are the ranges used within FFT. Bred monsters' zodiac signs are based on the date the egg hatches, not the date on which it is laid. I have tested this in-game as well. Most of the cards in the booklets featured concept art of various monsters, generic classes, and special characters, but the last 12 cards in one of the booklets had pictures of the zodiac stones on them. Below each stone is the name of the sign and the date range Square chose for in-game.

I did not know of these existence of these cards when I did the in-game testing of date ranges, and when I found the cards I saw that most of the date ranges corresponded exactly to what my in-game research had shown. However, the Sagittarius card reads, "a person who was born from 23rd of November to 21st of December," and the Capricorn card reads, "a person who was born from 22nd of December to 19th of January. So I re-tested that date range in-game and found that my data was correct. The dates that appear in the chart above ARE the correct ones, and it is Square's own promotional publication that got it wrong in this case.

So if you have one of those character card booklets and were about to inform me that I've got the date ranges wrong - don't worry, I've long since looked into it. Step 1A: In the formation screen and the in-battle unit list, select a unit using the arrow buttons. Continue to Step 2.

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  • Capaces de ayudarse mutuamente a reorientar sus vidas. Libra une tranquiliza y concilia. Tauro-Escorpio : eje fijo. Ambos poseen persistencia. Sus emociones son desbordantes y pasionales. Celosos y posesivos: el objeto de amor les pertenece. Suelen ser resentidos y pocos flexibles. Quiere todo a su manera. Teme ser herido y ataca antes como forma de defensa.

    Escorpio debe cultivar entrega, dejar de competir, ser menos exigente y dominador. Signos viajeros y estudiosos que tratan de comprender mentalmente el amor. Permanentemente cambia, siendo inconstante, curioso y nervioso.

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    Compite por las ideas. Le agradan los amores secretos sin mucho compromiso. Si algo lo ata, tiende a huir. Sin embargo, es capaz de ponerse en el lugar del otro y sentirlo un hermano. Sagitario es provocativo, autosuficiente, aspira a metas elevadas.

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    Both signs are tolerant and flexible but only to a certain point. I'll take that. When the going gets tough, they can always count on each other to try their best. As for Hailey? Selena was very chill about the engagement news of her long-term, on-again-off-again ex, with whom she broke things off as recently as last May. At least, it might appear that way. So could Selena be bothered to care that her ex Justin got married? It may remain a mystery forever, as she appears to be very committed to lounging on a boat.