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Jupiter, my Jupiter! We start a new Jupiter journey in a new Jupiter sign. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and expands on anything its touching. Mercury retrograde is upon us again! Lots of the focus of Mercury retrograde is usually on relationships, but Mercury is also the natural ruler of work. Many of us will wonder about how Mercury retrograde can impact your job, career, the professional impact. So let's dive into that! What is Mercury retrograde? A planet is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward from our view here on Earth; it isn't actually moving backward, and just looks that way.

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Many of their most controversial exposes have come via classified military data, especially involving the USA. Pluto is central to the whole horoscope being closely aspected to all angles. And after all, Pluto represents the plutocracy and its buried wealth and secrets — ala Panama Papers etc.

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The fourth house can be intercepted here as the source of this information. It was in April of that Wikileaks really hit the headlines, revealing an Apache helicopter gunship firing on civilians and journalists in Iraq. Eighteen were killed and the public release of the video, including its audio content, quickly went viral. The then Bradley Manning, was arrested in May and court-marshaled for the leak.

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By July, Wikileaks had released a further 75, classified documents dubbed the Afghan War logs, relevant to the hunt for Osama bin Laden, information of the Taliban and undisclosed civilian casualties. It was in effect even stronger later in the year, as Saturn was transiting across the Wikileak's Sun. In October, the Iraqi War logs, depicted the torturous truths that the mainstream media had shielded from the public, plus Iran's support for Iraqi insurgents. In November , Wikileaks released a quarter of a million US diplomatic cables to and from its over overseas embassies.

They covered the years up to the then present and represented a treasure trove of information on CIA dealings and covert operations.

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There was more to come. The following month Julian Assange was arrested in London, following Swedish allegations of rape and molestation. It wouldn't stop Wikileaks ongoing releases. Thereafter followed a comedic to and fro between the Swedish courts and Asssange's lawyers over whether Julian would be able to answer his charges via a video hook up or whether he had to do this on Swedish soil.

On June 19 , in another twist to the tug-o-war Assange arrived at the Ecuadorian Embassy seeking political asylum from the Ecuadorian government. He would remain there for seven years, or one Saturn square. On the morning of April 11 , Assange, looked pale and having aged prematurely, was dragged against his will by British police and now resides in a Supermax prison. His arrest came as a result of the USA requesting extradition charges and Britain and Ecuador immediately complying.

When looking back at Assange's original arrest as a teenager for hacking into high security sites, including the Pentagon, Saturn again comes into play. Remember Saturn is the authoritarian, the regulator and the establishment. It is now thirty years since his original arrest meaning one Saturn cycle, or return.

That in itself shows he is bound to face the courts again. Assange's sudden change of residence came as his Secondary Progressed Midheaven came into challenging square to both to his Sun, exacerbating his natal Sun to Uranus square. The future prospect of a major legal challenge arrives more late and into as his Secondary Progressed Sun squares Jupiter.

There are a number of legal challenges here, that may also involve the United Nations. The sudden aggression of the Trump administration concerning free speech and the First Amendment is about to be tested by indicting Julian Assange, on Espionage Act charges. Assange does face a tough time associated with his transits and particularly progressions. He is currently in his Balsamic Moon phase, which means going with the tide, as a New Moon awaits around nine months from now.

But the long term outcome may not be as bad as it is being painted. Assange finds himself as the poster boy for free speech and the public's right to know the truth behind the government's spin on crucial matters such as war and how it is carried out. It's the tax payer inevitably footing the bill.

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In this time of exaggerated economic inequality, is it the public's right to know where wealth resides and who is hiding their money and where? And to what degrees are the same public are being spied upon by their own governments. Julian Assange was one who revealed a lot of that hidden information, for you and I to judge. His publishing efforts cast a light of truth upon the mainstream spin. Only one week ago President Trump declared himself, 'probably the most transparent President of all time'.

But who are you be more inclined to believe, Trump or Assange? And should the latter be facing court charges? Democracy could be dependent upon that answer.

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Click here for a better look at the July 27 Lunar Eclipse. It hasn't really gone away! Click here for the Sun Jupiter Watergate to Russiagate video. Click here for an interview with Ed Tamplin by Chris Turner. To access the Political Astrology Archive click here.

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To access the Political Astrology file click here. Aries or Aries Rising weekly horoscope: Plato was the genius who wrote that human behavior flows from three main sources, desire, emotion and knowledge. The first two are the essential drivers. You need the desire to get things happening, and the emotional force to follow through.

June is about putting information at your fingertips, and also putting feeling into words. You can even learn from people who rub you the wrong way — as they present a communication challenge. Click here for details. Taurus or Taurus Rising weekly horoscope: Trust astrologers to label the eighth solar house as one of death, debts and at least according to the modernists - sex.

Makes it a lot safer to avoid them all and work towards being a self-sufficent virgin scrooge. So what does it mean when the New Moon of the 3rd, spotlights your taboo eighth house? Remember, it does so every year. And it's crazy to think that one twelfth of the zodiac suddenly disappears off the planet after a wild sensual night that also involved losing their wallet. But it can support a sudden cut with one situation and a greater concentration on new mutual support systems. And that'ssomething to work toward in June. Gemini or Gemini Rising weekly horoscope: As the energy source of the solar system, the Sun, returns to the sign of Gemini it generates a creative rebirthing for you.

Birthdays around the New Moon of the 3rd should especially take note of this. What lies ahead can ba a landmark year of new starts and moving on from the past, depending on your will and inititiave. Find out what the stars have in store for you with the New York Daily News daily horoscopes astrology stories and New York Fashion Week is a significant event You are motivated to improve.

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