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Who is T. M. Soundararajan? Biography, gossip, facts?

Zodiac Astrology. Karunanidhi is now a 91 year old veteran who is struggling with ill-health and family disputes over his political legacy since last few years. After studying the horoscopes of major stack holders in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections of i came to a conclusion that Jayalalitha is likely to register a phenomenal victory this time.

The votes for the assembly elections will be cast on the 16th of May and the results are going to be announced on the 19th of May. Karunanidhi first. Karunanidhi took the command of DMK party in when its founder C. Annadurai was died.

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Since then he is leading this Dravidian party and has mange to become chief minister of Tamil Nadu 5 times. Apart from his successful political career he has also been a famous play and script writer in Tamil language. In the Karka Cancer lagan chart of Karunanidhi the 3rd lord Mercury place in the 10th house shows his career in writing. The mutual aspect of Moon and Jupiter is a very good Gaja-Kesari yoga. The mutual aspect between Sun and Jupiter is a strong Raj-Lakshan yoga which gives a native royal emblem or good political status. Karunanidhi had also its clout on the politics of center during the regime of Congress led UPA government from to Venus being the 11th lord is good.

Shivaji Ganesan

The anter dasha lord Rahu is under the aspect of Yogakaraka Mars. In Navamsha the Atamakaraka Mars falls in the 8th from Aquarius. The DMK had won 23 seats in last assembly elections in This time its tally is going to improve considerably. This we can confirm from the horoscope of M.

Stalin is the third son of Karunanidhi and was born to his second wife.

He is now the heir apparent of Karunanidhi who expelled his elder son M. Alagiri in January Stalin lacks good Rajyogas. He was born on the day of Poornima Full Moon in Vrischik lagan rising. In the Scorpio ascendant chart of Stalin the lagna and 6th lord Mars is conjoined with 8th and 11th lord Mercury in the 5th house. It is yoga which makes his political career unstable. There is a good conjunction of 7th lord Venus and 5th lord Jupiter but it is tainted as they are falling in the 6th house of enemies and are in mutual aspect with a retrograde Saturn.

At present M. The Aries is the 6th house from the lagan having Amatayakaraka falling in the 12th house is not very favorable period. Karunanidhi and M. In the chart of Congress party 2 January at 12 noon Delhi the period of Jupiter-Keut is promising some improvements. In the Meena Pisces lagan chart the Jupiter is at 4th house and Ketu is in the ascendant.

So the Congress and DMK alliance will get some good seats to become a stronger opposition this time. The Vijaykant was born on 25 August at hours at Madurai.

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He is under Mercury-Mars dasha in Vimshottari. The Mars being the 11th lord of gains in its own house promises a good show.

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In Chara dasha it is Pisces-Leo period. The Amtayakaraka Venus is in Leo which is good.

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Tula lagan was rising at that time with Venus in the ascendant and Moon in the 4th house Makar. Now the Moon-Ketu period is running at present in Vimshottari. The anter dasha lord Ketu is weak in the 12th house of losses.

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However, her father passed away when she was just 2 years old. The Mars is place in the fourth house here and Sun in the tenth house of Rashi chart.

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In Dawadamsha the Ketu is place in the second house from Sun and the sub period lord Saturn is placed in the second house from the lagan in the Maraka house. Venus is the lagna lord in Rashi chart in its sign of exaltation excellently placed in the eleventh house. In Dashamsha it again become the lagan lord and placed in the ninth house. Jayalalithaa started her career at a very young age of 15 years in her Venus-Jupiter period in Vimshottari.

Soon she becomes the heartthrob of the millions of south-Indian cine lovers. She acted opposite the superstars of that era M. Rama Rao and Gemini Ganesan in many successful films. The Vimshottari dasha of Sun February to February was the most fruitful in her film career. Sun is involved in excellent Raj Yoga in the tenth house along with Mercury. Sun is also in mutual aspect with seventh lord Mars in the Rashi chart and in Navamsha it is along with Venus the Karaka of spouse. Jayalalithaa was link with many cine stars during this dasha.

In the Navamsha chart of Jayalalithaa the seventh lord becomes Jupiter, which is in the 8 th house along with Mars and is under the aspect of Saturn denying marital comforts. In , during the Moon-Mercury period in Vimshottari she became very powerful in the party as M. Ramachandran incapacitated due to a stroke and she successfully led the campaign for general elections that year.