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This pair is thoughtful and natural nurturers, so it is second nature to care for one another. They have a profound sense of the other, so they put their partner first. There is a downside to this watery partnership of Pisces and Virgo though. Both can get all caught up in the depth of emotion.


Virgo is often steadfast remaining in the realm of practicality. Extremes of personality can and do happen. If both Virgo and Pisces become broody and moody, it can cause considerable commotion. The moodiness might lend to huge disagreements that end up out of proportion. They can become as cold as the ocean waters at their greatest depth.

Codependency is also the product of excess emotions in the Pisces Virgo love knot.

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Aspects in astrology reference the distance between star signs. Pisces and Virgo are a full six signs apart on the zodiac wheel. This information is important when evaluating relationship compatibility. So, how do Pisces and Virgo love match rate? Exceptional compatibility exists between these star signs! When star signs are six signs apart they are opposite signs.

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This means that each star sign is on the opposite end of the zodiac wheel. We can think of a mirror here to understand how Pisces and Virgo interact. Both parties address the needs of the other. Both parties reflect on the other and the weakness of a partner. But, it is only to fill the gap with their own strength and to aid the partner in growth. When thinking of twin souls and soulmates, the Pisces and Virgo match serves as a template. This pairing is all about the evolution of the soul. Virgo helps Pisces grow to stand confident in the mundane world together.

Pisces teaches Virgo how to create and dream. The energies in this relationship prove compatible and harmonious. These two personalities are consistent and steadfast. They long for a deep sense of security. Each can lend a level of comfort to the other. If you have ever seen those relationships that start out as high school sweethearts, this is it. Lifelong relationships are apt to be a Pisces and Virgo affair.

Straight out of high school these two go off to college together. The Pisces and Virgo relationship often sees marriage and family as goals. They picture a long life together early in the relationship. This couple falls together like an architect made them for one another. Kindred spirits and with similar values, building a lasting love is second nature.

They both express a love for the home and hearth. They both feel deeply and understand the depth of emotion that drives their partner. These two creative souls pour all their being into making the relationship work. The final product is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is true the Virgo Man, and the Pisces Woman are opposing signs. But, this is what makes the relationship work.

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They complement one another because they are both water ruled and sensitive. While different, they do share some similar interests. The connection ends up being a perfect balance. They rather feel the love then try to confine it into language.

Virgo is analytical and will put a definition of love. But, Pisces will also urge Virgo to leave room open for adaptation of their definition. Because Pisces rules the realms of emotion and knows just how deep emotions can go.

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This gives them a sense of love that Virgo has yet to understand. By embracing the intense emotions, Virgo knows their definition of love is limiting. The realm of dreams is right at home for the Pisces Man. He loves his solitude and the safety the realm of fantasy provides. He is not melodramatic and prefers drama stays far at bay. He remains open and is not critical of his partner. This openness and non-judgmental attitude are important for continuing Pisces and Virgo compatibility.

His calm acceptance of the Virgo woman makes her feel she has found a friend and soulmate. Pisces flatters Virgo all the time, steering her confidence into the skies. He wins her over with his soft heart and sweet words.

He promises the Virgo woman she is his one and only. He speaks the truth when he says it. She commits her heart and soul to everything she does. She takes great pride in the project she undertakes. The Virgo Woman has a hard-won and impeccable reputation.

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She remains proud of herself because of it. The Pisces Man loves the perfection the Virgo Woman strives for all the time. But, Pisces also knows perfection is unattainable. The Pisces Man worries that frustration might rear its ugly head. He showers her with affection to express his love. Pisces can count on Virgo remaining true to him. Faithfulness is something both parties demand in the Pisces and Virgo relationship. She values him and will do nothing to hurt his tender feelings.

She is a pillar of support in his times of emotional need.


She is someone who feels it is her responsibility to make her man happy. Yet, there are times her analytical nature can come across as condescending. She might seem trite, and Pisces takes things she says the wrong way. It can result in Pisces pulling away until the hurt feelings subside. In the Pisces and Virgo connection, there may be minor quarrels. Still, this dynamic duo knows what to forgive and forget means.

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This connection works because the two are compassionate and empathic. They give to one another as often as possible.

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Both Pisces and Virgo will put their partner first before they take care of themselves. The Pisces Woman is in awe of the Virgo Man and his intelligence.