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Hi i googled but could not find info on amethyst gold-sand, apart from that on your website. Is there another name for it or could you provide me the links to the websites that give more info about the stone? You may try googling "Blue Sandstone" as both items have different names but it is actually the same mineral with same properties. There is no hard rule as to which hand to wear the bracelets.

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Please wear it to your personal preference. Thank you and have a prosperous new year! Had bought jasper bracelet a year ago.. Should I throw it away and buy a new one? As the mineral bracelets are natural products, you will be able to observe change in colour or even see chips with prolonged wearing. Nevertheless, we will be happy to replace the white beads for you if you feel a need to. Thank you and have a prosperous year ahead! Hi, I read the reviews that the 8mm bracelets this year are much smaller, even smaller than last year's.

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Can I confirm that 8mm bracelets will be sent instead of 6mm bracelets? Also, some of the bracelets have mixed properties. What is best to get for career luck, e. Must be according to zodiac sign? Also, these are real precious stones? Dear customer, thank you for contacting us! We would like to clarify and affirm that we take pride in providing quality emblems to all customers be it online or offline.

We do not vary the standards or compromise the quality of our products amongst different customer groups. Thus, please purchase with confidence. If they are stated as Green Strawberry Quartz 8mm then all of them will have beads of the same size. However, as these are natural products and when beads are harvested from their original stone, their size may be compromised by the cuts and the degree of which defers from one mineral type to another. Which is to say, for instance, an 8mm bead size Green Strawberry Quartz may have bead size that are slightly different from that of an 8mm bead size Han White Jade.

The difference can range from 0. Jan 14, We provide different sizes of bracelets to suit the needs of different customers and the size of bracelets will depend on the number of beads strung together. We offer complimentary bracelet size adjustment service to all our customers and even to our online customers.

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So as our fan, you would be aware that we provide this service during your offline purchase but may not know that it is also extended to your online purchases. Henceforth, please feel free to bring your bracelet to our retail outlet and have them adjusted to your liking. If you are unsure of what is best for you, it will be good to get according to what Grandmaster Tan recommends for the respective zodiacs. Jan 14, Rest assured that all items purchased are as described and are genuine, natural mineral stones.

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Dear Customer, thank you for your interest! Prices are the same but promotions are different. Can I know if it will be delivered?

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As I do not recieved any order confirmation at all. Hi, do you sell the rice cardholder on qoo10 store? Hi, thanks you for your interested on our product. We do not sell cardholder at Qoo10, you may visit our website, if you keen to purchase online. Yes, we just re-order the 8mm of green strawberry quartz.

Hi, Do the children put these accessories inside their bags or carry with them in the pockets? Also do they carry both together or just one?

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These accessories are usually placed into the school bags and we will provide you with a satin bag to put the items into for easy storage. There is no hard rule on whether should one or both of these emblems are to be carried. Henceforth, please decide on that based on your personal preference. This item is mainly for boosting academic luck as compared to career luck. Nevertheless, it will also promote health and encourage one to stay focus.

So if you would like to enhance these two aspects, it'll work for you. Otherwise you may wish to browse our natural mineral bracelets collections to find one that will enhance your career e. Copper Rutilated Quartz. Hello Shifu, Must wash pagoda under water or put under moonlight to refresh? Thank you :.

Dear Customer, all our items have been sanctified by Grand Master Tan thus there is no need for you to do so. To put at home or in school bag? Dear Customer, thank you for your interests, it is recommended by Grand Master Tan that you put this emblem in your child's school bag so as to enhance its effect his academic.

Hi, may I know the stone are origin from where? Is it suitable for all people for wearing? Hi, what is the length of the item? My required length is 21cm. Can you increase the beads if the original length is shorter than 21cm? Dear Customer, the length of the bracelet will depend on the size of beads that you have chosen and due to the nature of the mineral products, the length varies a little from bracelet to bracelet even between two same bead size bracelets.

As for the fitting of the bracelet, that can be adjusted to your comfort at our retail outlet free of charge. Should you feel that you'll need to do some adjustments after receiving your item, you may bring the item and order receipt to our store to have the length altered. Beads are added or removed at no charge. Hope this answers your questions. Does the size indicate the diameter or circumference?

Dear Customer, the size indicated is the diameter of the bead. Hi, is there any upcoming discount for Thriving Prosperity pendant? This can be worn by males too? Yes but we do not have a confirmed date on when that'll be. So sorry about that. Will keep you posted once we have a firmed up date. HI Seller, possible to alter if the bracelet is too loose or tight if collect at shop?

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  6. Hi, does the packaging come with a card to indicate the Zodiac for this bracelet? The drop down list for necklaces allow us to choose the zodiac sign , but for bracelet, need to click to individual then able to identify the zodiac Dear Customer, the product will come with a product description card but it will not indicate the zodiac. Thank you for your feedback, we'll definitely consider that! Dear Customer, thank you for your interest in our products and clarifying with us.