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There are no known forces, not gravity or anything else, that could cause such effects. For example, a straightforward calculation shows that the gravitational pull of the obstetrician delivering a newborn baby is greater than that of Mars. Astrologers thus have to argue there must be unknown forces exerted by the planets that depend on their configurations with respect to one another and that do not vary according to the distance of the planet—forces for which there is no shred of evidence.

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Another curious aspect of astrology is its emphasis on planet configurations at birth. What about the forces that might influence us at conception? Would we really be a different person if we had been born a few hours earlier or later, as astrology claims? Back when astrology was first conceived, birth was thought of as a moment of magic significance, but today we understand a lot more about the long process that precedes it.

Actually, very few well-educated people today buy the claim that our entire lives are predetermined by astrological influences at birth, but many people apparently believe that astrology has validity as an indicator of affinities and personality. A surprising number of Americans make judgments about people—whom they will hire, associate with, and even marry—on the basis of astrological information. To be sure, these are difficult decisions, and you might argue that we should use any relevant information that might help us to make the right choices.

But does astrology actually provide any useful information on human personality? The results of hundreds of tests are all the same: there is no evidence that natal astrology has any predictive power, even in a statistical sense. Why, then, do people often seem to have anecdotes about how well their own astrologer advised them? Effective astrologers today use the language of the zodiac and the horoscope only as the outward trappings of their craft.

Mostly they work as amateur therapists, offering simple truths that clients like or need to hear. Recent studies have shown that just about any sort of short-term therapy makes people feel a little better because the very act of talking about our problems with someone who listens attentively is, in itself, beneficial. The scheme of astrology has no basis in scientific fact, however; at best, it can be described as a pseudoscience. It is an interesting historical system, left over from prescientific days and best remembered for the impetus it gave people to learn the cycles and patterns of the sky.

From it grew the science of astronomy, which is our main subject for discussion.

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In response to modern public interest in astrology, scientists have carried out a wide range of statistical tests to assess its predictive power. The simplest of these examine sun sign astrology to determine whether—as astrologers assert—some signs are more likely than others to be associated with some objective measure of success, such as winning Olympic medals, earning high corporate salaries, or achieving elective office or high military rank.

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You can devise such a test yourself by looking up the birth dates of all members of Congress, for example, or all members of the U. Olympic team. Are our political leaders somehow selected at birth by their horoscopes and thus more likely to be Leos, say, than Scorpios?

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You do not even need to be specific about your prediction in such tests. After all, many schools of astrology disagree about which signs go with which personality characteristics. To demonstrate the validity of the astrological hypothesis, it would be sufficient if the birthdays of all our leaders clustered in any one or two signs in some statistically significant way.

Dozens of such tests have been performed, and all have come up completely negative: the birth dates of leaders in all fields tested have been found to be distributed randomly among all the signs. In a fine example of such a test, two statisticians examined the reenlistment records of the United States Marine Corps. We suspect you will agree that it takes a certain kind of personality not only to enlist, but also to reenlist in the Marines. If sun signs can predict strong personality traits—as astrologers claim—then those who reenlisted with similar personalities should have been distributed preferentially in those one or few signs that matched the personality of someone who loves being a Marine.

However, the reenlisted were distributed randomly among all the signs. More sophisticated studies have also been done, involving full horoscopes calculated for thousands of individuals. The results of all these studies are also negative: none of the systems of astrology has been shown to be at all effective in connecting astrological aspects to personality, success, or finding the right person to love. Other tests show that it hardly seems to matter what a horoscope interpretation says, as long as it is vague enough, and as long as each subject feels it was prepared personally just for him or her.

Geoffrey Dean, an Australian researcher, reversed the astrological readings of 22 subjects, substituting phrases that were the opposite of what the horoscope actually said. The ancient religion of astrology, with its main contribution to civilization a heightened interest in the heavens, began in Babylonia. It reached its peak in the Greco-Roman world, especially as recorded in the Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy. Natal astrology is based on the assumption that the positions of the planets at the time of our birth, as described by a horoscope, determine our future. The planet Jupiter is all about luck, opportunity and optimism.

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Jupiter brings gifts in the form of expansion and growth. We all have Jupiter in our sign about once every twelve years and that is the time to go for the gold. Unlike Saturn, you don't have generally have to break your back to receive these gifts. However, we must answer the door when opportunity knocks! Jupiter is one of the slower moving outer planets.

Jupiter rules the Sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is another big planet like Jupiter, but its influence is more about constraint and restriction.

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Saturn presents us with the very obstacles necessary for us to grow. Challenging and strict, Saturn is a taskmaster and will not leave you alone until you learn the lessons you must in order to progress and find our safety and security. Most of us face our "Saturn Return" around our 30th birthday, when Saturn returns to the position it occupied when we were born.


This is part of why turning 30 feels like such a bummer! Saturn rules the Capricorn Sign in Astrology. A relatively newer planet, the discover of Uranus coincided with some of the major breakthroughs of the 20th century, including space travel. This is the planet of change, which is often unexpected. Some consider Uranus to be a rebel, upending the existing paradigms and norms, but progress is inevitable and Uranus won't quit until it is achieved.

Uranus is the ruler of the Aquarius Sun Sign in Astrology. Neptune is thought to be the planet of imagination, illusion and deception, particularly self-deception. Sometimes we do need to jump the track and explore fantasies or get in touch with our sensitivity, so the influence is not entirely negative. However, the presence of Neptune can be associated with substance abuse as an escape from reality.

Neptune rules the Zodiac Sign of Pisces. Pluto is the planet most associated with the unconscious, sex and death. It is also associated with rebirth. All things occult and spiritual are in the domain of Pluto and it is often through the influence of this planet and during Pluto transits that we find our very soul. Pluto rules the Sign of Scorpio.

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