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October 6 will challenge you, but you might look back on this day as being very important in creating a support system—that is, if you don't succumb to feeling like you need to lord power over everyone. If you allow the manipulative vibe to take over you, things obviously won't work out well. It's no mystery that if you act like an asshole, people will think you're an asshole, and life will be more difficult. Venus—the planet of love, wealth and all that is good—enters Virgo on October 8. Virgo's the virgin, so it's always funny to see how coquettish Venus will enjoy its journey through this sign.

Virgo is an Earth sign, which means it's all about physicality—the body, of course, but also material things, like cash. Expect your money situation to enjoy a boost while Venus is in Virgo. On a deeper level, Leo, I want you to consider how you seduce or attract physical pleasure in your life, whether that means lust or money. Mercury in Libra goes direct on October 9, bringing forward motion to all the discussions you've been having around Libra things in your life: partnerships, but also decisions and judgments— Libra is the sign of the scales, so judgment is a big part of the picture here.

Did you make a "ruling" on something in your life that now, after the last few weeks, you've decided to reconsider? There's no shame in changing your mind—it's right in line with what the cosmos is asking you to do, and that's exactly what Mercury retrograde is here for! The Sun your ruling planet, because, obviously, you are the center of everything opposes rebel Uranus on October 11, which will bring some drama and excitement.

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Crazy gossip might come flying your way; be really careful to watch your mouth. This is an excellent transit for things to go viral—let it be for something amazing and genius you say, rather than something terrible or not thought out. If you really have the urge to say something risky, run it by someone mature first. Impulse control will be difficult today; however, you're reading this is advance, so hopefully it will help you out!

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Communication blunders are definitely a thing early this month, as you can see, and it's not just due to Mercury retrograde which everyone loves to hate. Fortunately, there will be a New Moon in Libra, a clear-thinking, intellectual Air sign, on October This will bring you some peace, harmony, and a fresh start around communication. Expect to revisit a lot of the conversations you had during the Mercury retrograde: What discussions or relationships are you hoping to have new insight on?

The Sun enters Water sign Scorpio October 23, inspiring you to reconnect with your home base. Scorpio is a defensive sign, running around with its stinger pointed at anyone who might attack. Not every one can be as strong and dominant as a big, beautiful lion—but even you, dear Leo, need a safe and comfortable space to retreat to. Just like scorpion can slink under some rock or wherever it is that creepy, crawly things go , you too need a sanctuary. Over this next month, meditate on what home, safety, family, and security means to you.

Venus meets Jupiter in Virgo on October Remember what we just discussed about Venus in Virgo upping your material situation? Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, so this day should be super bright and lucky around all those Virgoan, physical Venusian themes. Lust, love, money, and self-esteem will all be highlighted beautifully today. You've had a rough summer, Leo—Venus was retrograde in your sign, making you feel weepy, a little unloved and unseen. Things really start to pick up now!

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 27 will be revealing, especially concerning your career and your climb to the top. Do you still have the same goals you used to have? So much has changed over the last few weeks, and, with these changes, your priorities have shifted as well. She makes friends easily, and has plenty of them at all times.

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Meanwhile, the Taurus man is just as convivial, but not too fussed about what others make of him. The Leo woman smells this tendency towards success in him, and likely purrs at his power as he acquires it. In the Leo woman, he sees a glamorous kitten ready to lavish intimacy on him in return for what he can provide.

Early dates are likely to be fancy affairs as a result of this, with a touch of stardust or celebrity magic in some way. The Taurus man is charming and well presented, always having the most fun ideas and able to show the Leo woman the most stylish, out of the way venues.

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  • Both partners here see love as a long-term game too, although the Leo woman might be more hurried in putting a label on things than the slower paced, careful Taurus man. Either way, as time goes on and the relationship settles, his attention turns to other passion projects.

    And in doing that, a few problems begin.

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    The Leo woman expects affection, attention and praise for all she does for the Taurus man, but he can often become less demonstrative over time. To him the relationship is won and ought to settle into a steady rhythm — but the Leo woman wants romance. Her constant need for appreciation could grow wearying, and the Taurus man will find he can never do enough to get himself off the hook.

    In fact, self-esteem is definitely something that the Leo man has in spades. His ego can be a bit on the eye-rolling side from time to time, but he means no harm by it.

    Contrasting him is the Taurus woman, an often astonishingly good looking woman with a raw and natural energy to her. Practical and patient, kind yet not to be trifled with, the Taurus woman has an upbeat and often highly playful outlook on life.

    Leo Horoscope: Daily & Today |

    As such, her early flirtations with the Taurus man are likely to revolve around good-natured teasing, and this will work well for her unless she accidentally tramples the legendarily high level of pride the Leo man has. He is, however, bundles of fun and always up for a chuckle, and this is likely what draws the Taurus woman to him the most. Dates between the pair bounce from ballroom dance classes to riverside boat picnics to secret escapes to the coast, and things are always lively and fiery.

    She has a way of being self-indulgent to excess, be it staying indoors binge watching streamed shows, or maxing out her credit card on takeout food and new outfits bought online. A noble-minded wannabe hero and a laid-back, wisecracking lover of good food and fine wine. Is this the latest Hollywood mismatched buddy comedy, or the friendship between Leo and Taurus? If a new job opportunity presents itself, the lion as good as pounces. Taurus prefer to research and prepare, but more than anything, just refuses to rush.

    The Taurus friend will believe that their Leo friend is trying to hurry things along rather a lot, whereas the Leo friends themselves just think Taurus is too stuck in their ways to want to change things up. However, through friendship, this pair can find that both of their outlooks have room to coexist — and to teach things to one another. Leo can learn to step back and take a more measured approach, and Taurus can learn how to strike while the iron is hot without fear.

    Outings and parties are likely to be a big part of how Leo and Taurus friends get together.

    Nights out on the town, or spend heavy shopping trips that rinse clean every sale, are sure to be great ways for Leo and Taurus to spend time. Anything that lets Leo and Taurus relax and spend time together while also pampering themselves is sure to appeal.

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    Taurus people are often either gifted chefs or lively foodies too, so Leo better work up an appetite! Marriage between Leo and Taurus is likely to be a treat — a way for these two highly indulgent individuals to throw the wedding party of the century. Before delving into these issues though, also keep in mind that this could well turn out to be quite a good marriage match up for wealth.

    Both Leo and Taurus are good at making money, and ambitious enough to push forward with intensity in their careers. Leo likes to be praised for doing well, but might find that as the relationship settles in, Taurus is far less inclined to want to make a big deal of things. Not only does that mean the compliments dry up, but the Taurus spouse may well just shrug when questioned on things like what colour the new carpet should be.

    But to the Leo spouse, this passiveness just seems to be a lack of participation in the relationship. Balancing out the passionate needs of one with the less dramatic tendencies of the other is the key to making this marriage go the distance. Put simply, these two each have a strong and healthy sense of pride — but that can cause clashes from time to time. Both Leo and Taurus are inclined to believe that their opinion on a given subject is the correct one — no questions asked!

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    • This is as likely a scenario to play out for big life decisions, like what city to move to, to small little quibbles, like which actor played the role in that movie last night. Just as neither the bull or the lion in the animal kingdom like to back down, both Leo and Taurus are stubborn to a fault over even the smallest details. With someone as bullish as Taurus and as fiery as Leo in the mix, the duo can be argumentative and catty. Leo gets lonely and feels unloved, and Taurus feels like entirely pressurised to lavish affection on Leo at the expense of leading their own life.