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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for March 18

This lunation is all about the delicate dance of give and take. Sex has the capacity to stir deep emotions, while grappling with a challenging issue in a close relationship can change your home life for the better or repair a troubled mood. A strong attraction may spark intimacy — and sex and romance will be an exciting but potentially complicated mix. Buy time until Merc gets back into gear next week. This week, your co-ruling planets — Mars and Pluto — connect with each other in your interpersonal and communication houses for the first time in two years, so take advantage of their harmony by finding a partner to do something with.

A collab or shared activity can do your mindset a world of good. If you need to hash out your differences with someone, getting things into the open and dealing with them in depth could be productive, and asserting your position will feel empowering. But if your instincts tell you talking is too risky thanks, Mercury retrograde!

Plus a Mars-Jupiter squabble prompts you to tweak your list of demands and make use of what you already have, rather than trying to get your needs met by others. A full moon in the opposite corner reminds you to also pay attention to your inner life and attend to the needs of the spirit, not only the body. Spend some time by yourself unwinding and catching up on sleep. And pay attention to your dreams—they could shed light on a private issue now.

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When Mars in your productivity corner vibes with Pluto in your value house this week, the implication is your hard work will have a desired effect on your finances or self-esteem. You might devote a lot of energy to an effort involving your belongings — for instance, doing a spring-cleaning purge, then selling, donating and recycling various items. Take a break to catch up with a friend or enjoy a walk on a nice day — spring is in the air! Consider slowing down and checking off one thing at a time.

Mars harmonizes with Pluto in Capricorn this week, echoing a meeting they had in Be bold in your pursuit of experiences that bring more love into your life; help you express your feelings and personality; make you happy; or allow you to fulfill your creative potential. They can be very powerful under this influence and even trigger a shift deep within you. A romantic encounter might feel life-changing, and showing off what you have to offer the world can make you feel like a star.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 18th March 12222

You have a ton of mojo now, so use it well! Try to tune into subtle undercurrents in your brain that might drive your actions — and remember to look before you leap.

CANCER Weekly Horoscope for March 18 - 24, 2018

You might feel more sentimental and nostalgic than usual and turn to family members for a sense of belonging. If you find yourself in the spotlight, maintain your poise and put your best foot forward. Facing a conflict with a roomie or relative, working on your home or confronting your own compulsions can generate a profound internal shift.

Or maybe a housemate or family member seems intent on ruining your good mood. After the sun zips into your thinking-and-talking house, your brain and your daily interactions will get a shot of adrenaline, revving up your curiosity and sociability.

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  • Horoscope: March 18, 12222.

You can put your personal stamp on ideas and communication, sending a uniquely you message, despite the fact that Mercury is still backtracking. A full moon in your expansion corner can bring an urge for adventure, and you might be tempted to take a leap of faith. A productive encounter involving Mars and Pluto enables you to sell your ideas to a group; reach out to people and snag powerful contacts; and team up to improve your community. You may also be able to change a friendship for the better if you make the first move.

You have the gift of persuasion under this influence and could get an ultra-fruitful collaboration off the ground. Cultivate a crew around you who pushes you to achieve your dreams. Since Venus in your subliminal corner is sparring with Mars, one side of you may be enjoying your own company or that of someone special , while another side of you is motivated to be out and about, chasing after the next thing. Mars and Jupiter are producing their own friction this week, warning you to be careful in dealing with authority figures, since you might inadvertently push your luck.

With the sun exiting your sign this week and putting down stakes in your value zone for the month to come, your attention turns from who you are to what you have and what you need. Get down to brass tacks and assess your resources and requirements going forward.

This week is a big one, with the spring equinox and the arrival of Aries season!

You might pay off a debt or receive a tax refund or grant. You could also turn an emotional corner and finally move on from a crisis, hurt or loss. Definitely going to make progress towards my goal this week! I do appreciate your advice every week, thank you so much!

LEO July Aug. A boss or authority figure could put the kibosh on what you think is a great idea. Your creativity soars to a new level when faced with an obstacle. Tonight: Decide what works for you. Try to gain perspective by imagining what it might be like to be the other parties involved. Tonight: Play it low-key. Groups and meetings could gain an unexpected role in your day. You will have much to think about.

Be more upbeat about the possibilities. Tonight: Togetherness works. You do your best to fill in the gaps, but encourage them to do their own research.

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Given time, other solutions will appear. Trust your instincts. You will land on your feet like a cat. Tonight: Accept an invitation out. Given more information and some time, you will make a solid decision. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Tonight: Others happily follow your lead. You cannot eliminate possibilities, but you can weigh the pros and cons of approaching a dilemma.

Your Horoscope for the Week of March 18

Tonight: Imagine different scenarios. You have been highly responsive to others, and today is no exception.

A family member could want or need a lot of attention. You can afford to be generous with your caring.