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Get your affairs in order and act now if there are any outstanding bills to pay or loans to call in. If you have become overloaded by emotional burdens this could be the moment to cut loose. The tension is now building up, as it does once or twice a month when the planets form certain intense patterns. You are now reaching a moment of decision and will at last be forced to get off the fence.

Gemini Relationships

Actually, you will welcome a return to the fray. You may feel reasonably justified in expecting a response to a recent suggestion or, at the very least, an answer to an important question. However, planetary activity over the coming days may muddy the waters even further, before clarity is restored next week. For once you are trying to be rational while others are losing their heads. Any changes that you are anxious to put into effect may involve more people than you at first thought.

Venus enters Sagittarius

This is why you must grit your teeth and discuss even your personal plans with friends and acquaintances. It is at the most trivial level that your grand plans are capable of coming unstuck. A rebellious energy is in the air; you don't want to be tied down right now and you certainly don't care about fitting in.

All this wild behavior on your end will expose who in your life is trying to control you, as they'll be irritated that they can't keep up with your changing plans when the sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July Watch out for power struggles and control freaks—a big ego clash is likely.

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Be smart about your spending today, too. This is a tricky day for making investments. The lunar eclipse in Capricorn arrives on July 16—a powerfully emotional moment.

Make extra time in your calendar for relaxing and self care. Important endings are taking place now and unprocessed grief is coming to the surface for you to acknowledge—honor your shadow side, don't hide from it. One thing Mercury retrograde teaches you is that words aren't everything and you can't make every emotion a neat, logical thing for you to make sense of. Feel your feelings, and maybe learn more about somatic-based healing. The change taking place during this eclipse is deep in your being—your mind is just the tip of the iceberg. A powerful climax is taking place concerning intimacy, so watch for changes in your relationships.

Monthly Horoscope: Gemini July 12222

This eclipse also finds you confronting issues concerning taxes, debts, inheritances, and shared resources. You're having a hard time getting what you want as Venus opposes Saturn on July 17—wait for another day to ask for a favor! Don't get too down on yourself today if you don't receive what you want, and remember that your worth has nothing to do with what you own or how people choose to invest in you. Harness this energy to pay off a debt or work on your budget! A more romantic, harmonious energy flows as Venus connects with Neptune on July 18, and you'll likely see this inspiring connection manifest in your career, too.

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You might not always get what you want, but you can find a way to get what you need and still be happy! Retrograde Mercury reenters Cancer on July 19, asking you to be especially mindful about money and where you place your valuables.

Something you previously lost may be found, but make sure you have your keys, phone, and wallet when you come and go. July 21 is a tricky day this month—watch out for manipulations and power plays as Venus opposes Pluto. If someone is trying very hard to sell you on something, think twice. Be smart about who you trust and invest in—there are many wonderful things about Pluto, the planet of transformation, but it's also associated with jealousy, obsession, and shady behavior.

However, remember you should only be vulnerable with people you trust. Reserve the deep talks and intense secrets for someone you know won't judge you. Keep in mind this lunation will form a square with illusive and deceptive Neptune. As Neptune loves to stir the pot and create an aura of confusion, it's all too likely that there may be a disconnect between how you feel and what's actually real.

Today's Birthday

While this transit can enhance empathy and open your heart to sensitivity, try not to make any drastic decisions, don't do anything impulsive, and reserve harsh judgments for later. You owe it to yourself to truly embrace everything going inside within you. However, it's important you remember that not all of it may be based on reality.

All this heightened energy can certainly be conflicting, so make sure to breathe trough it.

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Whatever happens during this new moon in Gemini, it's all meant to solidify relationships with people who are truly good for you. Venus — planet of love and friendship — will form a trine with both committed Saturn and transformative Pluto. This will either bring your relationship to the next level of trust and loyalty or bring you further away from an attachment to someone who doesn't have a place in your future.

There's a strong sense of spiritual destiny surrounding this lunation, as Neptune will form a trine with the north node.